Trigger showcase

14. – 16. may

Trigger is a new showcase festival of independent performing arts in Slovenia, presenting a selection of the most daring theatre performances of the season. We would like you to participate in the showcase and get acquainted with the vivid and inspiring field of independent performing arts in Slovenia.

The showcase is organized by a variety of independent producers and will be held both in Ljubljana and Maribor on different stages. It provides a unique opportunity for getting familiar with the Slovenian independent performing arts scene, talking to producers and artists and meeting other programmers.

16. 5. 2019 / 20.00 / Amphitheatre of the II. gimnazija Secondary School

Alien Express: The 2nd Flight
Flota Ljubljana, Flota Murska Sobota (Slovenia)

Where (else) to fly? After the successful first takeoff, the enigmatic movable pair Alien Express (Gašper Kunšek, Žigan Kranjčan) is returning to the stage. This time with the musical assistance of DJ SunnySun and jazz musician Kristijan Kranjčan, with the guerrilla light intervention by Borut Bučinel and the sound landscape by Jure Vlahović. The 2nd Flight, among other things, raises questions of artistic inspiration and the creative, vital energy – where does it come from and where does it go?

15. 5. 2019 / 20.00 / Intimate Stage GT22

Via Negativa, Sploh Institute (Slovenia)

Sorry is a performance about and research into relationships. The performance is inspired by the work ‘Parasite’ by French philosopher Michel Serres. Serres’ book defends the theory that parasitism is the only possible natural relationship.

15. 5. 2019 / 18.00 / Amphitheatre of the II. gimnazija Maribor Secondary School

Hero 2.0 – The Show of all Shows
Moment (Slovenia)

If you don’t consider yourself to be the best actor, stop acting. If you don’t think you are making the best show, don’t make it. If you don’t think you can be selected for the programme, don’t apply. Hero 2.0 talks exactly about this: it’s not a question of faith but a matter of complete and blind conviction that Hero 2.0 IS the Show of all shows..